Media Appearances and Articles

An artistic image of the Perseverance Mars rover in light grey, in front and above it is a red circle with a black and white photo of Joby's face

Spectroscopy on Mars

The Society for Applied Spectroscopy interviewed me in 2021 as part of a special series profiling the scientists working on spectroscopic instruments onboard NASA’s Perseverance rover mission.

A cover poster depicting the Perseverance rover on a rocky ridge, almost in silhouette against a red-orange shaded background. White text says "Coming up: #COUNTDOWNTOMARS NASA SOCIAL: Q&A WITH EXPERTS FROM JPL, HOME OF THE PERSEVERANCE ROVER. Wednesday July 29, 12:30 pm PT / 3:30 pm ET"


I was one of 4 experts interviewed as part of a NASA Social live Q&A the day before the Perseverance rover mission launched from Cape Canaveral on the 30th of July, 2020.

A wide photo of several people sat at a long table draped with pleated grey fabric. The people are all smiling at the camera.

The Astroholic Explains

In 2019 I was interviewed on the science podcast The Astroholic Explains, on the subject of whether life exists on Mars (and what we are doing to search for it)

A colourful logo on a black background. The logo says "OUT THINKERS" in white text against an explosion of differently coloured powders and triangles

Out Thinkers

I ran multiple Out Thinkers events for Pride in STEM between 2016 and 2018, giving LGBTQ+ scientists a chance to talk about their work and their experiences. At one event gave a short, silly talk about Flat Earth Theory and how it can be easily disproven with a little patience, a few transatlantic flights, and the evidence of your own eyes.

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